ZPP | Belarus Business Center

ZPP | Belarus Business Center

ZPP | Belarus Business Center is a project implemented by the Polish Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP).

Under the project, Belarusian companies operating or relocating to Poland are provided with information support, consulting and legal advice.

The mission of the business center is to support the Belarusian business community in Poland, Europe and the global market.

Polish Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP)

Founded in 2010, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) is one of Poland’s largest and fastest growing employers’ organizations.

The Union is a non-political non-governmental organization which advocates free market principles, fair competition and transparency, and which comprises 15 regional and 23 sectoral organizations.

ZPP has offices in Warsaw, Brussels and Kyiv. The union is the founder of the think tank Warsaw Enterprise Institute, as well as Swietlica Wolnosci (‘the freedom lounge’).

Since we started, we list among our achievements:


consultations provided to businesses


key partners


active users of the coworking facility


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What we offer

ZPP | Belarus Business Center provides organizational and legal support to companies with Belarusian capital (founded by Belarusian citizens or legal entities registered in Belarus), as well as Belarusian entrepreneurs and startups that are relocating or have relocated to Poland.

We provide support with the following: 

  • forms of business, procedures concerning registration or licensing;
  • ersonal and business taxation, and taxation procedures;
  • arranging bank financing and leasing;
  • issues relating to contracts of employment and payroll
  • information on competitive salaries by city and job title; recruitment tools;
  • information on rental rates and selection of office premises;
  • selection of professional service (lawyers, accountants, etc.)
  • finding partners (Belarusian companies in Poland).

We offer free consultation to the following: 

  • owners and directors of companies with Belarusian capital (founded by Belarusian citizens or legal entities registered in Belarus) (5+ employees);
  • management of medium and large companies with Belarusian capital (15+ employees);
  • owners of startups with Belarusian investment (seed+).

On overage, the consultation is provided within 10-15 business days.

Detailed answers to questions are sent in written form only, as a reply your email. Should you have additional questions after the consultation, ZPP | Belarus Business Center will contact you promptly to provide the requested clarification. 

ZPP | Belarus Business Center provides free individual support for the relocation of Belarusian companies to Poland (for companies making investments from $1 million or employing 30+ employees in Poland).

ZPP | Belarus Business Center offers 15 work stations in its own Open Space facility which Belarusian owners/managers of companies and entrepreneurs can use free of charge. The coworking space is located in the center of Warsaw on Nowy Swiat Street.

As well as the workstation, visitors to our co-working space have the opportunity to use our meeting room with TV and a kitchenette with coffee amenities. 

Open Space is offered to the following?

  • owners and directors of companies with Belarusian capital (founded by Belarusian citizens or legal entities registered in Belarus)l;
  • management of medium and large companies with Belarusian capital;
  • mounders of startups with Belarusian capital.

Opening hours 
Monday – Thursday 9:30-17:00;
Friday 9:30-13:00.

ZPP Belarus Business Center organizes frequent online and offline seminars, webinars and trainings, as well as other events focusing on legal matters, accounting, marketing and other aspects of doing business in Poland and Europe.

The speakers at our events come from Belarusian and Polish organizations and institutions, in particular:


Our team

Вице-президент ZPP Мартин Новацкий

Marcin Nowacki

Vice President ZPP

Руководитель Belarus Business Center Дмитрий Данильчук

Dmitry Danilchuk

Head of ZPP | Belarus Business Center

Консультант Belarus Business Center Александра Дашкевич

Aliaksandra Dashkevich

Advisor ZPP | Belarus Business Center

Административный и финансовый директор ZPP Катажина Климек

Katarzyna Klimek

ZPP Administrative and Financial Director

Администрация и бухгалтерия ZPP Анжелика Ковалик

Andzelika Kowalik

ZPP Specialist of the Department of Administration and Accounting

Координатор офиса Олена Думченко

Olena Dumchenko

Office Coordinator


B2B professionals data base

When entering new markets, businesses simply can’t do without hiring an accountant or seeking legal advice. The Business Center has compiled a database of most demanded professionals with detailed information about the companies (reviews, languages of communication, website), as well as references.

The database comprises the following:

  1. accounting and customs services;
  2. legal and HR services;
  3. tax consultancy;
  4. business insurance;
  5. virtual office and relocation;
  6. selection of office and real estate;
  7. intellectual property and GDPR;
  8. incubators and business support.
Knowledge data base

Information is a key decision-making tool both when doing business or expanding internationally. The business center holds weekly events on various aspects of doing business in Poland and Europe, as well as publishes useful information in its social networks.

The database comprises information from the business center’s events, as well as other useful materials:

  1. event presentations;
  2. analytical reports;
  3. statistical information;
  4. useful links;
  5. document templates;
  6. other materials.




Логотип ZPP Belarus Business Center

Warsaw, Poland

Monday – Thursday 9:30-17:00

Friday 9:30-13:00